The Aaron feels are real!!

Give Carl a chance! Haha. LOL jk.

Anonymous :
omg I love the fact that you know Jon Toral bc most people here didn't know him, god he's so attractive

Of course! I’m an Arsenal fan! :D

Plus, he’s my like for like substitution for a certain other la masia graduate who was with us for a while. :P

Anonymous :
Hey! I just wanted to request for a Hummels OS? Could u, would u please write one? Soon? <3 cara

Hi! I’m currently writing a full-length story of him right now, so it will probably be a while before I could get to the Hummels request on the list. There’s one for him there already. Do you want me to use your name and add it? But it’s going to be a long wait, I have to warn you.

Anonymous :
I loved the IMTM update! <3

Thank you, dear! 

Anonymous :
Come on Carl, it's time to act!!! hahah excited for the next chapter :D

Unfortunately, the next chapter still isn’t a Carl chapter. ;)

Ahah, it was great nonetheless and gave me some serious Real-Madrid-Mesut feels! Also I'd like to drop in a James Rodriguez OS request.. If you haven't written one already! 😁

Yes, sure! I’ll add it to the list. It might be a long wait though! :)

Anonymous :
Thank you for writing :) it's appreciated like heck and I hope you know that. Love,

Aww, thank you! And I appreciate your message. :*

Anonymous :
Aaron is so perf

In real life or fiction? :))

Anonymous :
Top 3 players you would do from Stamford Bridge, Old Trafford, City of Manchester and Emirates Stadium. Excludes the cauliflower head which is Joe Hart, Vermaelen-looking wannabe and the much lesser hot Sergio but with a smile you very much adore.

Oh god. I’m not sure if there’s three from each of those if you take away those that you mentioned. Let’s see…

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YOU B*TCH! I almost spewed out the juice that I was drinking on my laptop when I read the crotch part! It was brilliantly hilarious. And this chapter is so cheesy it's making me sway towards #TeamAaron. But I still believe Carl is going to do something that will convince to be a part of #TeamCarl.

Haha, you’re welcome. :))

Anonymous :

Oh, don’t worry. There’s a chapter 8.5. I promised someone here a few weeks ago that I’ll try to write a ~dirty chapter for Aaron. I’ll make a tl;dr version too for people who are not comfortable with that type of story. :)

Read the rest of the chapters here

Chapter 8 - Desperate Times

Rachelle’s thumb felt like it was going to come off its hinges from the strain, but she kept pushing the small lever on the controller forward. Her remote-controlled boat weaved like somebody drunk was on the helm, which is probably why it was half a meter behind Aaron’s. 

She glanced at him quickly. He was kneeling on the ground, his body bent forward as he worked on getting his boat to the finish line. His concentration so unbreakable that he didn’t even respond to her attempts at some light trash talking. 

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