Anonymous :
Jantje did his ice bucket challenge, you should see it

Anonymous :
Because I'm absolutely shamelessly in love with everything you've written and because I've read everything twice at least and because I need more but I'm not asking, I'm just gonna inquire about what's gonna be the next upload and then refresh and wait until said time

N’aww, thanks. I’m currently writing a one-shot request (based off on one of the truth or dare entries) which I’ll post mid-week. And then an update of It Matters To Me, then hopefully another one-shot before the week ends.

Anonymous :
I finished reading Chasing Olivier over the weekend and I would like to thank you sooo much! It was great. I'm also following Stupid Cupid and I'm falling in love with Andy just as fast as (hopefully) Mats is!

Thank you! Chasing Olivier is very dear to my heart. :3 Give Mats time, he’ll get there. If one of us don’t get to him first.

Anonymous :
I think we should pay you for writing these beautiful fanfics so you could update them more often. I'm in love with Stupid Cupid, it's so different from others:)

Aww, thanks. ;) I’m very happy to do it for free, don’t worry! :*

OMG! Mats Hummels, you precious in the latest update (I know u had a victory dance at the end Mats. Haha). But you're going to get your heart broken. It's obvious Andy's using you to get to Burger. She's inlove. AndyXFood is my new ship. Hahahaha

It is going to be a very dramatic love triangle between Mats, Andy, and Food. Prepare yourselves. :))

Andy should meet Lars Bender!

Or she could meet Lars pretending to be Sven. Haha.

We’ll see. ;)

Anonymous :
love love love the new chapter of stupid cupid! thank you for the update, ali! you just made my day

Thank you for reading it. :)

Yes but i didnt realize you posted a dare for them till like hours after i messaged you back.

Haha, it’s cool. :)

Anonymous :
Mats is too cute and too hot in your story send help

Mats is too cute and too hot in real life too, send HIM (to me).

I just need to comment on Stupid Cupid too! Not only was that latest chapter like cookies and warm milk, but the things I like best about this story is that you develop not only the Mats-Andy relationship but also the Andy-Holly friendship. I can't explain it but the story even in its early stages seem more complete? It has everything. Not that there's anything wrong with your other stories! You know how much I adore them! It's just that you're improving by leaps and bounds per story.

Aww, thank you, I’m glad you think so. Most of the time I don’t feel like I’m improving? I’m enjoying writing about the dynamics between Andy and Holly, it’s fun to develop a relationship from scratch that’s not romantic. And Andy’s so clueless about a lot of things at this point despite having existed for a long time, she’ll need her!

ALI! I AM SCREAMING YOU DID MY TRUTH OR DARE! I love you! And I love all the truth or dare stuff. Some of them can stand on their own as stories. You're unbelievable. I love you. Oops I said that twice.

Thank you for sending one in. :) I loved doing them. Maybe I’ll do it again some time. :*

Anonymous :
Where's the link to Chasing Olivier?

It’s on the sidebar, under full-fics. :) In case you’re on your mobile, here’s the link.