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Chapter 7 - A Sub Was Needed 

"I’ve got popcorn and… oh this is nasty, when was this from?" 

Rachelle shook her head, grimacing at the thought of whatever Carl found in his cupboards. He had suggested they watch the Arsenal game against Leicester together at his house and since his 108-inch HD plasma TV beats her non-HD, purple-tinged hotel one, she was all up for it. 

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Anonymous :
Aaron ramsey update

Posting one right about now…

Anonymous :
I second Jen. Love Letters ftw.

How do I know you’re not Jen pretending to be an anon seconding Jen? ;) Kidding. :*

Anonymous :

This is an idea I am really into so I’ll insert it in the story somehow, haha. :*

Update of a Carl story?

Coming right up!

Anonymous :
Hii! I know you are a busy person i want u to know tht im also very patient person so imma request a cristoph kramer oneshot if its ok with u... Have a nice day~!!

Sure! I’ll add it to the list.

Nect update on Ramsey's fic ?

I’m posting one after I answer asks. :)

Anonymous :
I think she should read your Mats smut first ;)

Haha, really now?

Anonymous :
make it real is the best its so underrated its just as good as chasing oliver i swear it could even be better. aklsdf;alsdkfjm asides from that can you please recommend some other writing blogs so i can be entertained in between your updates please :)))

Haha, thanks. :) I’ve recommended blogs and stories here. I know there’s a football fanfic directory blog before but I can’t remember the URL…

Drunk Andy 👍 no shirtless Mats 👎 the chapter 👏🙌👍

Anonymous :
I know you're not doing truth or dares anymore, but I've always wanted to know: in make it real, why did Marco stop in the bathroom? Thanks

He realized there that he genuinely has feelings for Kika and it kind of gave him a pause. And then once he’s come to terms with those feelings, he decided didn’t want their first time to be in some hotel bathroom while his teammates and friends were outside, with Kika possibly a little intoxicated.

Anonymous :
I know. You're into Calum but you're also lusting after someone else named Jan Vertonghen. Don't lie. Your thirst for Jan is palpable.

I thought you were cool but you lie like the rest of them.