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Chapter 3 - Blame It On The Beer 

There wasn’t a lot of people on the tube at this hour, which Rachelle thought must be a relief for Carl. She had wanted to get a feel of what was to be her daily life here in London and he grudgingly obliged, so they were taking the train instead of using his really nice car. It might not have been that pleasant of an experience for Carl though, even though he seemed game enough to pose for photos and endured ribbing from fans of rivals teams and Arsenal alike good-naturedly. 

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Anonymous :
Came here for the Marco fic, staying for everything you're writing and wrote! I can't wait for the next installment of the Mats story! You're incredible!

Aww, thanks a lot. :* I hope I haven’t wasted too much of your time.

Anonymous :
Stupid Cupid is amazing... And it's been what, only one chapter? Can't wait for the rest of the fanfic. U are such a talented writer!!!

Thank you very much, I hope it doesn’t go downhill from the first. Haha!

Anonymous :
how are you feeling about Aaron Ramsey's new facial hair? is it one shot worthy? ;)

Hmm. Not too keen about it, tbh. I’d rather a five o’clock than what he’s currently sporting. 

Also, I’m already writing a full fic about him, so I’m all maxed out for now. :))

Hi babe. :3 How's your day? I sent you more fanmail but I don't think you got it. I sent you an email via gmail (work address though so it might be in your spam folder) with a lengthy reply to your message. Oh and hi anon, it's the bitch here. ;)

I just checked and replied, babes! :) And don’t bother with the anon. You’re amazing! :*

Anonymous :
This is meredith! No I would be the long term girl fired and we would be fighting!

Ah, I see! Sorry for the confusion. :)

Anonymous :
I wonder how you look Vermaelen in the eyes? Does it not burn your retinas with his soul-searching blues? I can't believe my cousin is not impressed by Mats or Gomez. Like they are literally everyone's type. It is a felony to not find them attractive. Hehe.

Sometimes it hurts so much that I have to blindfold him… ;) 

Is your cousin montoystory? Haha

Anonymous :
Hi huge fan of ur fanfics, have literally read from scene to scene. I was wondering if u wouldn't mind having a look at my fanfic, blog: redtranslation, and letting me know what you think? Thanks a ton

Thank you, hun. I’ll look at it in a few hours, I need to go offline and calm down a bit. :)

Anonymous :
You're a nice, sweet girl, we love you very much but you sure are friends with a lot of b*tches like neuers and vertonguen.

I’ve gotten some awful messages before but nothing has upset me more than this one. I debated whether to publish this or not but I want to take this opportunity to tell you just how amazing these two are and how incredible they’ve been to me. You may not see how we interact privately, but they have been nothing but lovely and helpful and even when we disagree on things, it’s been a blessing to get to know both of them. One of them had been through a lot in her life, and she’s all the more remarkable for it. You think by starting the message with a compliment that it will somehow make it better? I’m willing to bet anything that you haven’t even taken the time to really talk to either one, so who’s the bitch now? (The correct answer to that is me. I will be the biggest bitch you’ll ever encounter if you slag off any of my friends.)

Go, and never darken my door again.

oh wow those comments from the readers made me want to read Mats story :) lovedd the Carl/Aaron story. you made the chemistry fantastic between Carl and Rachelle, waiting for the next chapters. i'm excited lov

Aww, they’re being too nice! And so are you. :* I’ll publish a chapter of It Matters To Me when I get home. 

You've combined two of my favorite things: Mythology and Football. Please, update frequently! :D

I, too, love my mythology! :) I must warn you though, I will be straying some from the traditional myths and/or combining a couple of them to suit the story.

I’ll update every week, or at least I’ll try to. :D